19 09 2011

This is a most enjoyable headline: “Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle”. Now, I didn’t get this until after several reads of several articles, because I am a thick-skulled artsy type whose only knowledge of science comes in the form of dodgy chemistry jokes. I would tell you one now, but after racking my brains all the good ones argon.

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A Failure of Journalism

8 08 2011

Today’s post is not about gaming, as such. It almost feels cheap to write about this when the topic at hand is so much larger than this minuscule blog, but I can’t think about anything else at the moment. I hope you’ll forgive me if I seem to be trivialising a dreadful situation.

In all the rush of 24-hour news reporting, the riots taking place in London appear completely bewildering, terrifying and shocking; once things have died down perhaps hindsight will tell us they weren’t as big as we thought. Maybe I’ll look at this post in a few months and think that my reaction was senselessly angry, but for now I’m afraid I’m going to vent. Read the rest of this entry »

From the Pulpit

5 08 2011

I never thought I’d read a two-page article on games in the Church Times, so this morning provided something of a surprise when I spotted an enormous picture of two World of Warcraft Night Elves strutting their stuff next to the book reviews. What’s this, thought I? Has some eccentric vicar taking up virtual preaching outside Stormwind Cathedral? Has a scholar uncovered some profound theological parallels between the exiles of the Israelites and the Gnomes? Alas, no, but someone really should try out both of those.

Not the picture you expect to see next to a review of the book 'Historical Jesus'.

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Five Years Time

6 07 2011

I quite fancy being a games journalist. Actually, let’s ditch that knowing, understated tone – I want to be a games journalist. Maybe I’ll do it for a few years and get game burnout, or perhaps I’ll miraculously complete my first novel/epic poem/screenplay and be catapulted to literary stardom, but for now I would leap at any and every chance to become a staff writer on whatever magazine or website needs someone to crank out the content, whether its reviews of indie minnows or killer features on the front cover. I am also trained in brewing a variety of warm beverages, but you’ll have to ask nicely if you want one.

Thing is, with the way the industry is going, I have absolutely no idea what that career might involve in five years time, maybe even less. Read the rest of this entry »

Important News

27 06 2011

I had my post for today all lined up, and it will still happen in a few hours, but this needs mentioning first.  This case has been one of the biggest issues facing the industry in recent years, so it’s fairly important to point out that the Brown vs Entertainment Merchant’s Association case in the US has been won by the gamers.  I won’t bother with the details – it went way over my head first time around, and I sometimes dare to think of myself as informed regarding gaming – but this is a tremendous victory for developers, producers, but more importantly for players.

To read more about the Supreme Court’s decision, one that may well have saved the industry as we know it, take a look at Rock Paper Shotgun’s excellent, fairly concise summary.

Wii U…Hmm…Nope, it’s Pun-Proof

8 06 2011

I’m not all that enamoured with the Wii U. Bring it on, fanboys. Action stations! Brace for impact!

OK, so none of said fanboys are actually reading this (even if this blog gets 1,000 subscribers, I’ll still keep this no-one-reads-this-blog shtick up), but such is the nature of the internet that I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of hardcore Wii-ites are currently sat around a conference table in a nuclear bunker, staring at a cinema-sized screen of this very page and plotting their assault upon my little website. One can but dream.

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1 06 2011

There’s a rather marvellous article over at Eurogamer right now, ‘The Keepers of all Games’, that definitely deserves a read. Ostensibly it’s to do with a recent get-together organised by the co-founders of the National Videogame Archive project to discuss and promote the preservation of games, but there’s a good deal more information to be wrung from the article than a simple recap of the event.

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What about PSN?…Ah.

27 04 2011

I’m pretty much exclusively a PC gamer. (There goes my credibility on any articles to do with any other platform. Shame.) I play a bit on the 360 when my brother happens to bring his home with him and my housemate at Uni has a Wii with a couple of games, but aside from that, I really don’t have much to do with the world of consoles. Though I do have a PS1, a Mega Drive and a Game Boy Colour lying about in my room. Possibly a monolithic grey original Game Boy too. I’m guessing they don’t count.

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Evidence for the Defence

22 04 2011

Some good news from the US: a study by the Federal Trade Commission has shown it is much harder for under-age consumers to purchase M-rated games than it is for them to buy inappropriate DVDs, cinema tickets or music. Using 13 to 16-year-olds as undercover shoppers from November to January this year, the Commission unearthed some surprising disparities in the figures. Music with the Parental Advisory label was, perhaps predictably, the easiest media for kids to get hold of, with 64% managing to get their hands on it. A third managed to get cinema tickets meant for adults and 38% were able to buy R-rated DVDs. So far so predictable. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Let This Stagnate, CVG

18 04 2011

After last week’s thinly-veiled attempt to wring out 1,000 words from a somewhat minor topic, it’s time to take a turn toward the serious. Genuinely. If this begins to get boring, feel free to depart from this mightily obscure blog for a while and exercise an altogether more amiable method of procrastination. And the more times you swap between the two, the more positively skewed my site traffic becomes. Everybody wins.

Right: this week, CVG started up a new campaign to direct some hearty mockery, and perhaps a little righteous outrage, towards those who make sweeping statements against gaming without any sort of substance or evidence.

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