Mount and Blade and Gun

25 03 2011

There’s really not that much to say about this. I’ve sunk more hours into Mount and Blade, the hybrid RPG/action/strategy title from Taleworlds Entertainment, than perhaps any other game in the last two or three years, having notched up 30 hours or so on its semi-sequel, Warband, along with at least a hundred on the original, if not more. Civilisation is addictive. Total War is addictive. Mount and Blade is a lifestyle choice. After dragging myself away from a lengthy play session it can certainly feel like a bit of a waste of time: but I’ll be damned if that waste of time wasn’t so much fun.

So Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword, another pseudo-sequel which I’ve nabbed a preview copy of (see Gamedot for the full article soon), is automatically brilliant. For starters, it features a new historical setting, with eastern European kingdoms of the 17th century replacing the fictional lands of Calradia from the first game. It has a slightly more story-focused approach regarding the conflict between Russia and Poland. It also has guns.


I don’t care that the graphics are still basic, or that the quests are fairly generic, or about any of the game’s other problems. Its Mount and Blade with added musketry. So screw the blog entry, I’m off to invade Moscow.




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29 04 2011
Prospects Dashed « The Joy of the Digital

[…] I am pretty excited for. First there’s Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword (mini-preview here and big preview here), which may just be a glorified musket-mod for Warband but will likely munch […]

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