Excuse 2.0

1 04 2011

Right, ten minutes to get an article up that at least makes it look like I’ve done a Friday update.  How did this happen?  Last time I had a legitimate excuse (sort of), but I’d planned this one out in advance!  It was ready to rush off the metaphorical presses into the vast morass of the internet, but instead I decided to spend an evening chatting with friends and eating cake. 

So here’s the deal: tomorrow, that update’s coming out and it’s going to be a fun one.  It’ll be my first plunge into the depths of nostalgia, heedless of criticism, fairness or the need to pass relevant comment, wallowing in the hazy memories of afternoons spent fighting Stormtroopers, duelling Sith and saving the galaxy every five minutes.  Tomorrow is Jedi Knight day.

(Seven minutes.  Phew.)




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