What about PSN?…Ah.

27 04 2011

I’m pretty much exclusively a PC gamer. (There goes my credibility on any articles to do with any other platform. Shame.) I play a bit on the 360 when my brother happens to bring his home with him and my housemate at Uni has a Wii with a couple of games, but aside from that, I really don’t have much to do with the world of consoles. Though I do have a PS1, a Mega Drive and a Game Boy Colour lying about in my room. Possibly a monolithic grey original Game Boy too. I’m guessing they don’t count.

So all this business about the PSN is something I’m finding pretty tricky to comment on, since I simply don’t know enough about the network itself. I was wondering quite how to write something – the magnitude of the problems it’s facing merit a least a small post from a supposed games blogger – but struggling to come up with anything. There’s nothing more to be said: Sony got well and truly hacked, everybody’s details are gone, watch your bank accounts. I suppose there’s the argument about whether anger against Sony is justified or whether they are just as much the victims as those whose details have been compromised, but all I can say is that I’m not just sat on the fence, I’m chained to it with bonds of steely ignorance.

I might have something, though. It’s begun to dawn on me that the significance of this story may not require a solid knowledge of how PSN works to understand. After all, isn’t it just the same stuff we’ve heard many times before when big corporations, be they banks, retail websites or any company to whom we entrust our details go on to lose them? The only unique thing about this issue, then, is that it’s the first time its happened on such a scale to the videogame industry. With distribution of games rapidly moving from retail to download, this will hopefully give online services like PSN a timely reminder to post another few sentries on the digital rampart.

Or maybe I do need to know about PSN and have misunderstood the issue entirely, in which case I’ll fall back to my allotted place and write endless articles about point-and-click adventure games. I know you can’t wait.




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