E3? Thi4f

24 05 2011

Gah. I’ve missed Monday by about half an hour. Shame. Come next Tuesday, all will be well, and I can ditch uni for writing about games all day long (career hunting comes a close second).

So CVG have been running a quite lengthy poll to found out what their readers would like to see at E3. I picked all the obvious ones, naturally – Arkham City, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, The Old Republic – but one game stands out more than any other on that list.

 We pretty much know how the aforementioned games are constructed and E3 will give them a chance to show off a different mechanic or some new locations. All very interesting, but it’s nothing that will glue me to live, minute-by-minute coverage and make me dissect every last shred of info released.

If Thief 4 turns up, however, I will be mightily chuffed (even more so if they’ve ditched that annoying number in the name). We now absolutely nothing about this game; we have no idea what it looks like, let alone how it plays, but the official forums have been live for almost exactly two years now, and the game itself was first teased in 2008. With the impending release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I’m really hoping that Eidos Montreal have now pushed production of Thief 4 to full speed and hopefully they’ll have something, maybe just some screenshots, to publish by the time E3 kicks off. If not, we should force the lot of them to play through the Shalebridge Cradle every day until they do. Though that may have the side effect of sending them mad with terror.

I love that level…<Evil Cackling Laugh>…




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