Prince of Protocol: The Witcher Brotherhood

30 05 2011

If somebody made a game based on the title of this post then both I and my wallet will be humbly in their debt. (You know what? I’d be satisfied with Prince of Protocol on its own. It sounds like some sort of C3PO-based action flick. Ideas, ideas…)

You see, the light at the end of the exam-filled tunnel is fast approaching: in less than 24 hours, I’ll be finished with university and to celebrate the occasion, a gaming binge is called for. Or at least it was, until a bizarre feeling began to crawl up my spine as I loitered around Amazon last night: I quite fancy getting out a bit more. The years of 24-hour digital knees-ups at the onset of the holidays seen to have slipped away. 12 hours is far more doable.

So instead of buying the following four games, I’m thinking about sticking with the one for now. Which is it going to be? You decide! (You don’t really, but keep the illusion up…I honestly haven’t decided yet…)

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

 -Critical Reception: Well…ummm…OK?

-Finance destruction rating: Puny

-Nostalgia rating: 10/10.

It’s dirt cheap! It’s from one of my most fondly-remembered series! It may well be decidedly average on its own merits! I’ll probably be done with it in under eight hours! If the platforming is as good as it is in the other PoP games, who cares!

The Witcher 2

-Critical reception: Bloomin’ good.

-Finance destruction rating: Punishing.

-Fun fact: President Obama has this game.

Do I indulge in my penchant for enormous RPGs, despite the fact that the albino-monster hunter Geralt’s latest adventure has only just been released? Or will I cower in fear from the mighty retribution that this title will wreak on my bank balance through its terrifying £25 price tag?

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

-Critical Reception: Marvellous. Shame it came to PCs six months late.

-Finance destruction rating: Manageable up to Ugly.

-Plot twist forecast: Inevitable, with a chance of absurdity.

How much does this romp around Renaissance Rome cost? Amazon haven’t decided if its a tenner or a twenty…er. If only I’d bought it when the price was low a few weeks ago: but wait! The price may yet drop back! Do I hang or take the plunge now?

Alpha Protocol

-Critical Reception: Intriguing story dynamics + fudged gameplay = an Obsidian game.

-Finance destruction rating: Minimal.

-Obsidian bug charts: in at #2, safely behind reigning champ Fallout New Vegas.

Suitably for a spy game, the dark horse of the tournament.  Riddled with errors, but with that all-important Obsidian flair for storytelling. I’ve consistently enjoyed their games despite the bugs, but is it too much to ask this time? Or will they get away with it yet again?

Come back for Wednesday’s post, entitled: just how many more exclamation marks can one blog hold!




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10 06 2011
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[…] Remember my post-exam games dilemma? Well in the end I went for a cheap copy of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, partly because it was a bargain (£11.90, not bad) but also because I’m off on holiday next week to Roma itself. […]

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