The Boring Compulsion

8 07 2011

When I started this blog, I planned to write a big post on Mondays followed by to smaller ones on Wednesday and Friday. If anything I thought that I might have to scale back; instead, I seem to have gone a bit mad in the last few updates and cleared 600 words on each one of them, which qualifies for the prestigious ‘bigger post’ status. So today I’m going to redirect you to a post on Rock Paper Shotgun and let that do my work for me.


With a bit of commentary, of course. What do you take me for?

The article in question is this one, about the triple-A epic that is Street Cleaning Simulator. I’ve never managed to get into a proper sim myself, but the ones I have played at least have qualities I can help me appreciate why some people play them. I had to review Ship Simulator Extremes for Gamedot and found it immensely tedious and I’ve watched my brother play more train sims than can be good for his health, but I’ve enjoyed, albeit briefly, a flight sim or two and I hope I understand why people still buy them.

Street Cleaning Simulator, however, is on the level beneath these several miles down, in a place so monotonous and dull that your heart could give up and you wouldn’t notice due to catatonic boredom – but they spawn such a weirdly giddy fanbase. The comments on the article might be full of irony but there’s still a genuine pleasure in them that such games exist. It’s tempting to think of anyone who plays a sim like this (Garbage Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator…) as a massive anorak, and the article doesn’t do anything to disprove that. Instead, it makes it joyously eccentric and charmingly bonkers rather than something to sneer at.




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