PMQ’s, But With Critical Hits

27 07 2011

Go and play this now. It is funny, quick and very different. It is Prime Minister’s Questions: The Game. I’m becoming a little bit obliged to Rock Paper Shotgun for giving me stuff to put in this blog, but if they will keep telling us about such wonderfully quirky games as this then what am I supposed to do?

The goal of the game is to defeat Ed Miliband by answering all his questions…without honestly answering them. Then again, you could deliberately lose by making David Cameron spout stupid answers not related to anything and consequently get battered by the thunderous jeers of the Labour benches. It’s tremendously silly, with special moves like Cameron’s Flashman routine, the powerful backbencher bonus and a pixelated style reminiscent of the Pokémon games all adding up to create a clever little take on Westminster’s most popular spectator sport.

Sometimes I fancy writing long, rambling posts that never really go anywhere as I search for (and mostly fail to find) profound comment to make on the industry. Not this time. This time, just go and enjoy this chuckle-worthy slice of goofy satire. Also, laugh at the fact that Danny Alexander looks even more like Beaker from the Muppets in this than he does in real life.




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