Things I have Got Out of Gamescom

19 08 2011

Only a quick update today, it’s late and I need to pack a bag for going holiday tomorrow. Gamescom, the big expo in Cologne that’s still ongoing, seems a fair enough thing to talk about, although it’s been a tad underwhelming for me so far. Still, there were a few interesting things that came up, so here they are…

1.If Wars of the Roses ends up being anything like Mount and Blade, I may have to give up all other games, invest in a decent headset and commence mocking my Lancastrian foes in the thickest Yorkshire accent I can put on.

2. Battlefield 3 has put out the best trailer at the show, but the hype at present has reached such a level that I dread to think what will happen when it actually launches and the sales war with Modern Warfare 3 commences.

3. The comments on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations are worrying, but understandable. It will have style, it will have plenty of features, it will have all the stuff that made Brotherhood a good game, but will it actually do anything new and is Ezio simply too powerful these days to make anything seem like an obstacle? Hopefully the Ezio sections will have the flamboyant action, whilst the times where we play as Altair will allow for a return to the careful planning and execution (pardon the pun) of the mission at hand that formed the theoretical basis of AC1.

4. If you don’t have a console of some sort, now is seemingly the time to invest, with the announcement of a price cut on the PS3 and new value models of the PSP and Wii. The best budget console, however, is still the PS2, with it’s colossal back catalogue of games from all genres.

5. Gamescom really wasn’t that great this year. There weren’t many big surprises on the software front, with the announcement of Borderlands 2 topping the list. Not only that, but what was released seemed, in many cases, to be very much ‘safe’ stuff – a new gameplay trailer showing off just enough, a few screenshots, but nothing of massive interest. Fingers crossed that the Penny Arcade Expo, a week away, will be a bit more interesting.




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