Holiday Post 2/3 – PS Vita

24 08 2011

I’m pleased that my holidays seem to coincide with big gaming shows. Back in June E3 came to the rescue when I went gallivanting off to Rome and this time it’s Gamescom coming to my aid as I clear off for the week. It’s three updates on trailers I’m afraid, but they are quite pretty. Honestly.

I don’t dip into hardware issues very often and this trailer isn’t exactly special in itself. It’s not very inspiring, it looks like game footage has been superimposed onto the screen rather than actually running on it and it’s full of marketing guff like ‘Brand new ways to play’, ‘The most immersive games’ and ‘Play, create and share on the go.’ So why am I writing about it? Well, because the Vita is a mighty powerful piece of tech. I’m 99% sure that I’ll never buy it (my last handheld was a Gameboy Colour) and I’m sceptical of whether an expensive dedicated games device can be successful when smartphone gaming is really picking up steam. Nonetheless, the Vita deserves respect for the sheer technical clout packed inside. It’s not something I’ll buy on the strength of an advert, but I’d love to have a go on one.




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