Holiday Post 3/3 – Huttball?

26 08 2011

I’m pleased that my holidays seem to coincide with big gaming shows. Back in June E3 came to the rescue when I went gallivanting off to Rome and this time it’s Gamescom coming to my aid as I clear off for the week. It’s three updates on trailers I’m afraid, but they are quite pretty. Honestly.

If you watch this trailer with a basic knowledge of Star Wars and not a jot of knowledge on MMOs, you will probably wonder what the hell developers Bioware are doing to the license. How can Jedi and Sith put aside their differences and decide to fight each other in a game of ‘Huttball’ when there’s all this stuff about good and evil, the balance of the force and the whole universe being at stake which needs to be sorted out? Huttball is a new player vs player scenario announced for The Old Republic where two teams must carry a ball into their opponents endzone whilst fighting one another and avoiding various traps, kindly donated by Czerka Corporation. MMOs have plenty of things to do, from crafting to combat to exploration, so you can certainly choose not to partake in Huttball, but that doesn’t stop it being any less bizarre and seemingly at odds with the whole tone of a heroic story. This isn’t one of my top Gamescom trailers, but it’s certainly one of the weirdest.




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