Newsflash – The Old Republic is Big

23 09 2011

It’s late and I haven’t had time to write a decent-sized post for today, so here’s a picture of a Jawa with a rocket launcher.

Where was he hiding that?

OK, here’s a bit more. The screenshot comes from a video (below) on companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Blizz is the Jawa in question, a faithful companion of the Bounty Hunter class. He already has a fan club on the forums, with good reason. He’s a Jawa packing a rocket launcher!

One thing from the video really brings home just how monumental a project The Old Republic is. Companion characters have been a staple in Bioware games for some time, and in all the company’s major games since 2003 there have been around nine or so of them following you around. The Old Republic has 40 of them, five for each class, and I don’t think that is necessarily the final count. That is a simply colossal amount of writing, planning and recording. In gameplay terms Bioware are playing things very safe, with fairly traditional looking MMO combat, but in the storytelling department they really are going for broke.




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