The Obsession Starts Anew

29 08 2011

I bang on a lot about story. Themes, tone, emotional engagement, that sort of thing. For ten years and more I’ve been playing and replaying the same tales over and over again, looking for the intricacies in the writing and delving deep into Wikis when I can’t quite grasp why something happened, or why this particular fictional setting functions as it does. Games are art, they are valuable cultural contributions, and so on and so forth, etcetera, etcetera.

Naturally enough, therefore, the series I have played the most over the last decade is Pro Evolution Soccer, which, as a sports game, falls neatly into the ‘reviled’ category of many gaming forums. Read the rest of this entry »


Review Supplement – Virtua Tennis 4

1 08 2011

In my review of Virtua Tennis 4, I came very close to using the word ‘meh’. Thankfully, some sort of linguistic integrity struck me at that moment and I swerved clear, rescuing whatever iota of reputation I had in the process. I couldn’t possibly have such base language going onto the website where my writing is actually read by significant numbers of people. This, however, is my blog. So: Virtua Tennis 4 is more meh than anything meh that you have ever meh-ed at. Who cares if meh doesn’t work as a verb? I can say anything! Wheeeeeee!

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