Nostalgia Trip – Pokémon Blue

31 08 2011

Charizard, Nidoking, Gyarados, Parasect, Graveler, Jolteon. What a team. Or not. I have no idea. You see, in search of some nostalgia I took my good ol’ Gameboy Colour (I don’t care if it’s actually spelt without the ‘u’) on holiday with me last week and ended up sidelining my other games in favour of the original Pokémon Blue. Wario Land 3? No! Super Mario Land 2? No! Ronaldo V Football? Hell no! Get me a bicycle, some pokeballs and a map to Celadon City!

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Nostalgia Trip: Lego!

11 05 2011

Where the heck has the PC version of Lego Pirates of the Carribean disappeared to? I’m not joking – this is a genuine, honest, confused query. Many review sites still have it labelled as a PC game, nothing immediately registers after a quick Google search and Amazon is still listing it in the States. So why don’t any UK retailers seem to be stocking it? If it doesn’t appear soon I may have to gather a crew and launch a plunderin’ raid on the dev’s HQ. Not much ocean between Birmingham and Cheshire, admittedly, but we’ll commandeer a canal barge for the purpose! Yarr!

Whilst I procure my cutlass, pistol and parrot, how about we look back at three other great Lego games from the days of yore? Well maybe 1998 isn’t yore-ish enough, but it’ll have to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Nostalgia Trip: Jedi Knight

2 04 2011

My favourite Star Wars game is Knights of the Old Republic 2.  I’m a sucker for big RPGs and great stories, a need which Obsidian catered for near-perfectly in their sequel to Bioware’s more fondly remembered original.  Sure, the first KotOR is by far the more polished game and it weaves a seemingly more epic tale, telling a classic adventure of heroism, adventure and derring-do, but KotOR 2 is still, to my eyes, the better game.  The story is more complex and meaningful, the principal villain is far more malevolent, insidious and intriguing than the warmongering Darth Malak from KotOR and the RPG elements are actually roundly improved, with better crafting, more abilities and additional classes.

If I want to experience the whole picture of being a Jedi, then the KotOR games are the way to go.  In the end, however, they’re still, effectively, turn-based RPGs.  If you just want the thrill, the excitement, the downright awesomeness of taking a glowing blue sword and a fistful of lightning to a bunch of baddies, without any of this moral choice or side quest nonsense, there really is only one pair of games to go for: the Jedi Knight games.

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