Thought for the Day #2 – Modern Warfare 3

18 05 2011

I wish I could have been at Infinity Ward for that meeting. “So, Battlefield 3 has better graphics, a top-notch pedigree and an enormous earthquake in one of its levels. How do we respond?” Silence – then a lone voice pipes up: “Err…World War 3?”

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Thought for the Day #1 – MotionScan

16 05 2011

In keeping with my penchant for apologies and excuses, here’s another one: exams proper kick off on Saturday and I’ve got some eighteenth century battle plans to examine before the opener, along with a few Shakespeare plays and plentiful piles of Milton criticism. Unless I have a rush of inspiration, I may not be able to manage some thousand-word treatises on the benefits of x8 antialiasing – ‘for when x4 just doesn’t cut the mustard’ (A. Forumgoer, 2011) – until it’s all over. June isn’t too far away…hang in there…

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