The Legacy of Rome

20 07 2012

My favourite exam question at university –

Stop making funny faces.

My favourite exam question at university came in my third year, on a module about the War of the Spanish Succession.  I can’t remember the precise wording, but it went something like this: ‘Was the campaign of 1704 the most challenging of the Duke of Marlborough’s career?’


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Review Supplement – Panzer Corps

20 07 2011

Well that wasn’t what I was expecting. After hearing that Panzer Corps was going to be my next review, I happened upon this brief article on Rock Paper Shotgun. It wasn’t promising. I find RPS a great read because its writers go into loving depth on any number of niche games, but in this case all that was merited was five lines, a press release and a video that presented a very backward-looking product with cheesy World War 2 music and grainy sound effects. It looked grim.

How wrong I was. Panzer Corps is a well put together title, providing tidy, expansive war-gaming with no frills but a good degree of depth. You’ll be able to read more about it in my review, which should pop up on Gamedot in the next few days (EDIT: here it is now), but for now I’d like to look at something else. I’m going mildly theoretical again, so brace yourselves for some rambling. Read the rest of this entry »

Review Supplement – Men of War: Assault Squad

18 03 2011

When I’m not pretending to be a critic on this blog, I’m pretending to be a critic over at This pretence has become so improbably successful that I’ve managed to fool the editor into sending me games, all in return for a mere 1,000 words of bile/praise-filled copy (delete as appropriate). On a more serious note, I am grateful for the opportunity, but from now on I hope to flesh out the reviews there with a little more subjective writing over in this little nook of the web.

This time round the subject is Men of War: Assault Squad, a second expansion in the World War II strategy series.

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