The Legacy of Rome

20 07 2012

My favourite exam question at university –

Stop making funny faces.

My favourite exam question at university came in my third year, on a module about the War of the Spanish Succession.  I can’t remember the precise wording, but it went something like this: ‘Was the campaign of 1704 the most challenging of the Duke of Marlborough’s career?’


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From the Pulpit

5 08 2011

I never thought I’d read a two-page article on games in the Church Times, so this morning provided something of a surprise when I spotted an enormous picture of two World of Warcraft Night Elves strutting their stuff next to the book reviews. What’s this, thought I? Has some eccentric vicar taking up virtual preaching outside Stormwind Cathedral? Has a scholar uncovered some profound theological parallels between the exiles of the Israelites and the Gnomes? Alas, no, but someone really should try out both of those.

Not the picture you expect to see next to a review of the book 'Historical Jesus'.

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