Room to Expand

9 08 2012

Dear me, but that elven babe on the box looks bored.  She’s got a PhD in international law, you know.  She could’ve been a big shot at the UN, but alas, like most elven babes, she ends up modelling for low-end game marketing.  “What’s this Spellforce job involve?” she asks her agent excitedly.  “Er…steel bikini and loincloth.”  “Again?”  “Yeah, but you get a sword this time. It’s very empowering.”  Not quite the Security Council, though, is it?

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Rawr! (That’s Draconic, By The Way)

12 09 2011

First things first: if you tried to access the link in my previous post and found it be broken, then be assured that it now works. Here it is again. You have no excuses! Right, someone mentioned a poxy little game called Skyrim today. What’s that about?


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Nostalgia Trip – Pokémon Blue

31 08 2011

Charizard, Nidoking, Gyarados, Parasect, Graveler, Jolteon. What a team. Or not. I have no idea. You see, in search of some nostalgia I took my good ol’ Gameboy Colour (I don’t care if it’s actually spelt without the ‘u’) on holiday with me last week and ended up sidelining my other games in favour of the original Pokémon Blue. Wario Land 3? No! Super Mario Land 2? No! Ronaldo V Football? Hell no! Get me a bicycle, some pokeballs and a map to Celadon City!

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Back to Cyrodiil

15 08 2011

A while ago I wrote about The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and me; how I remember it as one of the formative artistic experiences of my teenage years, as evocative as any other book, film or piece of music. I also wrote that I couldn’t bear to play it again, because on my second, brief, playthrough several years ago, it felt like I was trespassing on the adventures that my first character had already completed.

The province of Cyrodiil, though, is another story. I’ve just got started on my fourth character in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and it remains as irritating, flawed and compelling as it ever was. Read the rest of this entry »

Expansion Packs or DLC?

3 08 2011

I miss the days of expansion packs. Of course there are still some being released, but for the most part the big £15 addition has been replaced by small updates or expensive but short DLC. How can I spend seven or eight quid on three or four hours of adventure when something like the Shivering Isles pack for Oblivion added so much more at such better value; not just a new, big-ish quest to deal with, but an entirely original, unique, custom-built world entirely different in tone and feel from the original game?

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The Shepardess

25 07 2011

We recently learned that the marketing material for Mass Effect 3 will not only feature the default male version of Commander Shepard, but also the female version. Thanks in part to Jennifer Hale’s terrific voice acting, this version of the character has slowly become a standard-bearer for female protagonists in games, although only 18% of players choose to save the galaxy as a woman rather than a man.

The default faces of male and female Shepard from Mass Effect 1 and 2.

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Replay the Day Away

11 07 2011

Firstly, this a big one. Read at your peril! Or if you’re just a bit bored. Anyway, let’s crack on…

I’ve just fired up the topic-o-meter, which tells me that today’s post should be about replayability. Good call from the machine, since I’ve got two fairly decent starting points on the subject. Firstly, I’ve just finished playing Batman: Arkham Asylum for the third/fourth time (no idea which one) and the game has pulled it’s usual trick of making me want to start from the beginning immediately. Read the rest of this entry »